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Project-Based Recruitment

If you think of Talent Resource Solutions primarily for our ability to fill single openings, you need to know about our abilities in another area! We have an extensive history of delivering on-time, quality results for large-scale hiring initiatives. With the increasingly positive economic news being released, we have seen a significant increase in client inquiries about our ability to manage major hiring projects.

Our clients in several industry sectors turn to us for project-based recruitment services.  Their projects range from 100+ sales positions throughout the United States; to the need for a constant flow of one to three candidates per week in specific functional areas where they are short on talent, especially in sales, marketing, and product development. By developing steady pipelines of talent, these companies are investing in the future strength of their organizations, without incurring the cost of leaving mission-critical positions open while they tackle one hire at a time. They are also enhancing their brands by building a market perception of their organizations as confident, forward-thinking, and committed to excellence.

Over the last 15 years, Talent Resource Solutions and its management team have completed over 100 multiple-hire projects (ten or more placements) for US-based clients in a variety of industries. Our established methodologies, convenient pricing options, and well-trained fulfillment teams give us an unparalleled ability to meet our clients’ organization-wide hiring needs. We are proud to offer many references who will speak to the quality and efficiency of our project work.

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