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Mid-Level Recruitment Services

We firmly believe the strength of any organization comes from its people. 

These are our people.
We understand your industry.  Talent Resource Solutions is a well-recognized force in the local market, and our recruiters have experience in a variety of key industries.  We know corporations want to minimize training costs by hiring people with experience in their industry.  And we know how to find these people.  

We speak your language.
Our experienced recruiters understand the technology and terminology important to you. More importantly, we know which other companies use similar technology. 

We pre-qualify candidates.
Nothing is a bigger waste of time than interviewing candidates who are not properly qualified.  We screen candidates for the appropriate background and culture fit, and eliminate candidates who are unqualified or uncommitted to a career change. 

We have the resources.
When you work with Talent Resource Solutions, you have our entire team working together to fill your job opening.  Our recruiters have the skill to do the job, and the dedication to work together to meet our clients’ needs. 

We find opportunities.
As you know, the market for good candidates is extremely competitive. With our diverse networks and industry contacts, we can find people who haven't yet begun an active search or want to keep that search confidential.  

We do the selling with you.
We spend time up front learning what our client companies have to offer.  Then we help you present that information in a way that attracts top candidates. 

We stick with you.
After a successful match, we keep in touch to make sure things are going well. That's because we feel a personal responsibility for our clients and candidates. When people and companies succeed long-term, we succeed long-term.


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