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Interview Guidelines


You always need to "take temperatures" because people have minds and they're changing them constantly.  You need to listen to what they don't say.  Being prepared for an interview is vital; the following preparation is very unique and effective in conducting a positive interview.

Things to Remember:

  • People have to buy you before they buy from you.
  • People hire and accept emotionally first and justify logically later.
  • People are most sold by your conviction rather than by your persuasion.
  • Know your technology, but think PEOPLE.
  • The decision to hire is made in the first 5 to 10 minutes of the interview, with the remaining time spent justifying that decision.

Interview Do's & Dont's

Sound Upbeat.  On phone interviews, speak directly into the phone.  If you've had a lousy day, put it out of your mind. Be a conversationalist, but don't interrupt.  Let the interviewer finish the question before answering.  The interviewer should do most of the talking.  Remember the 60% - 40% rule.

Be Descriptive
.  Don't just answer "yes" or "no" to questions.  But also avoid "over-answering."  Make your answers colorful but not lengthy.

Sell yourself to the interviewer, but without exaggeration or telling lies.  You are there to market yourself, "blow your own trumpet" and explain why you'd be right for the role.  But don't come across as arrogant.

Avoid making negative remarks about your current employer, or past employers or colleagues.  This will only reflect on you in the interview.

Be Determined.  Make it clear that you want to get the job, even if you are given information in the interview that sheds a new light on the role.  Be positive, and then evaluate the opportunity again when you are away from the interview.  Don't burn your bridges.

In-person interviews.
  Create a positive first impression by shaking hands firmly.  Dress professionally in a dark dress suit.  Wait until you are offered a chair before sitting.  Don't smoke even if the interviewer smokes and offers you a cigarette, and don't chew gum.  Maintain good eye contact with the employer.  Remember to turn your cell phone off.  Smile.

Always send a follow up letter to each individual you interviewed with.

After you leave the interview, it is very important that you call us immediately to share your feedback and your thoughts, so that we can accurately represent you to the hiring manager.

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