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10 Steps To Better Hiring

Industry Observations

  1. The National Unemployment Rate, as reported by the Bureau of Labor, is at 4.7%.  The unemployment rate for mid and upper level professionals is at 1.7% to 2% varying by industry.  This represents another 0.5% drop from last year.
  2. Our Talent Pool in each of our industries is shrinking.
  3. Great candidates are looking at opportunities, but they have many choices to choose from.
  4. Companies are making very aggressive counter offers to keep them.
  5. Candidates are more than ever looking at work / life balance in their decision on which companies they will work for.
  6. Many companies are making exceptions to work schedule to maintain work life balance such as; remote work days, flex schedules, in-house day care.
  7. Candidates are researching companies from products and balance sheets including the culture and environment of your company.
  8. On boarding is not done well by some companies.  With so many choices a growing percentage of people are quitting after accepting and / or starting their new job.
  9. Candidates are becoming hesitant when it comes to relocation.  They would rather stay near family.
  10. Some companies do not realize their interview process is way too long.

Action Items

  1. Hire the best, but have your process in place.
  2. Use a recruiter that is an industry expert.  Streamline your hiring process.  Multiple interviews and trips over an extended time frame will cause you to lose people to the efficient and swift.
  3. Tightly define the skills necessary for the Candidate to be successful.  Limit your list to no more than 5 items.  What is critical?
  4. Don’t make a low ball offer.  It is a waste of time and your image.  They are not being accepted.
  5. Give quick feedback to your recruiter.  Let them know how to redirect their efforts.
  6. When interviewing sell your company: the opportunity, the products, the vision, the culture, and the work/life balance.
  7. Make interviewing a positive experience for the candidate.
  8. Review how to better onboard new people.  Make the first weeks busy but have their decision to join you supported by what they feel and see.
  9. Have a complete on-board process in place from the minute the offer is made and accepted throughout the first 90 days of employment with your company.
  10. Make sure your website presents your company in ways that attracts candidates.
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