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Talent Resource Solutions is one of the country's top-ranked search firms specializing in recruiting top-level candidates for the retail industry.  Our recruiters' track record of success in matching qualified candidates with quality job opportunities has allowed us to establish an identity as the solution to all of our clients' hiring needs.

Because our recruiters and entire staff have extensive backgrounds in the retail industry, we have an in-depth understanding of what companies look for in candidates and what those candidates look for in future employers.

Our mission is to make extraordinary things happen for our clients.

The Bayside Group was established in 1997 to locate, recruit and deliver extraordinary talent for companies who not only want to be better than their competition….they want to be the best.

We have been fortunate enough to provide customized solutions for a wide range of satisfied clients, locating hundreds talented individuals who now work for them.

Our clients express their satisfaction with their repeat business.  In fact, over 70% of our business comes from valued repeat clients who continue to work with us time and again.  Within our Retail Search Practice, our team has led numerous projects for many of the top specialty stores, department stores, mass merchants, big box operations, catalogs, manufacturers and E-commerce retailers in the industry, placing Retail Buyers, Planners, Designers, District Managers, Product Development Managers, Sourcing Managers, Visual Merchandising Managers, Human Resources Managers, Training Directors, E-Commerce Managers and Directors.  To learn more about our recruiters, we invite you to view our personal profiles.

We Deliver Extraordinary Business Solutions

Bottom line: We save you time, money and stress with guaranteed solutions to your business problems.

How?  Peter Drucker, the famed management guru said, “You can expect that 66% of your hiring decisions will be wrong within the first twelve months.” He understood that while managers may be good at sales, operations, research or finance, that doesn’t mean that they are good at knowing and hiring people.

“Normal” companies rely on resumes and ads to get their people.  And then they wonder why they fail.  We go beyond resumes because resumes don’t tell the full story.  They don’t reveal personality, desire, knowledge and abilities.  At The Bayside Group, we go beyond a simple resume to reveal true talent… extraordinary talent that will move your company forward.

We have a variety of ways to deliver extraordinary people.  Each solution is customized with a unique plan based on what you need and want to make you the best.  Find out more about our Search and Recruiting Services.

Why Should You Know The Bayside Group?  

Because our recruiters know where to find the top retail talent.  We talk to these individuals every day.  We know who they are, their unique skills and abilities, and their personal goals.  We are dedicated to placing top-quality executive talent at all levels within our Retail Search Practice.

Our job is to know people, and we know people in the retail industry better than anyone else as evidenced by our database of thousands of talented individuals.  Could you find them?   Maybe.  But do you have the time to look, filter through resumes, check references, and negotiate job offers?   Do you know how to convince people who are top performers in their company to take their skills to your company? 

It's always the right time to bring in great people.

The right people will always make your company better, stronger, faster.  Give yourself the best chance for success by taking advantage of our network of contacts around the world.  Our recruiters are excited about furthering our existing client relationships as well as forging new ones.  Hiring the best employees plays a crucial role in taking your organization to the next level, and The Bayside Group is dedicated to finding the top talent to help take you there.  We look forward to assisting you with your future staffing needs.

Meet our Recruiting Team! Learn more about our staff.

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